How It Works


It has more cetanes and yields 15% more than conventional diesel

It has been successfully tested for 3 years in Diesel engines.
Significantly increase engine power.
In a mixture with conventional diesel, additive and increase it’s benefits.
Complies with NOM-086-SEMARNAT-SENER
The Sulfur in our diesel is lower than in conventional diesel.
The ignition temperature is higher, which causes better performance in diesel engines.


Simple processes that
are easy to execute

The Process starts with shredding the plastic waste into flakes or chips

No catalyst is required.

Small amount of LPG obtained provides fuel initiate the next process, thus becoming self-sustaining.
The reactor is filled with raw material and the hydrocarbons will be obtained by controlling the pressure and distillation temperatures.
Closed loop system, no emissions produced.
You can process different types of plastics at the same time.


It has more octane and yields 20% more than conventional gasoline (Premium).

Complies with NOM-086-SEMARNAT-SENER
It has been successfully tested for 3 years in car engines.
In mixture with conventional gasoline (Premium), the additive and increases it’s benefits.
In pollution verification tests our gasoline obtained lower values compared to conventional gasoline (Premium).
Does not leave any type of waste in injectors.

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