What We Do

We license our technology so you can build and own your own PlastikGas® Processing Plant

PlastikGas®, LLC. will build you a PlastikGas® Processing Plant and license you our proprietary plastic to fuel conversion technology. We design and build your plastic waste conversion plant on your land, anywhere around the world*. Our construction company and team of engineers will assist you in the campus build out of your plastic waste conversion plant and provide 12 months of operational support. Your plant will be up and running in 6-9 months and your ROI is 12-24 months**. Contact us today to learn more.

*Land must be for industrial use
​**Depending on the size of plant you purchase

Processing Plant

The plants are designed according to API (American Petroleum Institute)

Purchase comes with fully functional PlastikGas plant, safety and training manuals and hands-on training.

Safe design and easy operation, minimum personnel for operation

up to


tons of plastic per year

up to


tons of plastic per year

Sizes of plants according to the needs of the client produce

from 26,880 to 264,193
gallons of gasoline per month

from 15,533 to 166,428
gallons of diesel per month

Size of plants can process the following amount of plastic per batch:

7 tons, 14 tons, 35 tons & 75 tons

Simple processes that
are easy to execute

Rapid Return On Investment (ROI)

Processing Plants do not require hiring of specialized labor
High availability of raw material
Ecological impact
Sustainable process
Long life of the plant: no corrosives