How you can do it

How do I buy a PlastikGas® Processing Plant?

Owning a PlastikGas® Processing Plant is a life investment and success is directly tied to passion, positivity, dedication and determination. We take pride in choosing our PlastikGas® team members by getting to know you through our extensive selection process. This business opportunity is a hands-on investment that requires long hours, extensive training and a lifetime commitment.

What to Expect


Owning a PlastikGas® Processing Plant requires a substantial initial investment, the purchase of the plant in addition to building the infrastructure and hiring the personnel to maintain the plant. Infrastructure includes site preparation, construction of support facilities, fencing, security and shredder, just to name a few. However, the return on investment can be as little as 12-24 months.


A PlastikGas® Processing Plant owner is in charge of all aspects of the plant including obtaining feedstock supply, fuel production, offtake and sales. The success and return on investment are proportionate to hard work, business acumen and leadership effectiveness.

Highly Selective

Competitive applicants will show evidence of financial integrity and stewardship, proven business leadership-and business acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, a growth mindset and strong character.

The Application Process

Applicants enter the process by submitting an initial online application. If selected to progress through additional phases of the application process, you will be required to submit information about industry knowledge, personal & professional reference checks, funding resources, leadership capabilities & commitment level.  Applications are processed and prioritized based on financial integrity, proven business acumen as well as the need in growth markets.  As we continue to expand in select markets, opportunities are limited and highly competitive. Candidates may indicate a geographical preference on their application and preferably will have personal connections to the community in which they wish serve.

Tiered application

Virtual and in-person interviews

Final selection

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